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Grand Opening Special Offers

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*We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our work.



Free first consultation – What’s involved:

  • We’ll undertake a brief 30 minute examination and discussion about your primary concerns relating to the look, feel and function of your teeth and mouth
  • Additional tests may need to be undertaken to determine the root causes of your concerns or pain
  • X-rays are not included in this examination – On site facilities are available to capture images for same day diagnosis if you wish

  • We’ll address your concerns and questions with simple explanations so you have a clear understanding of potential treatment options, their advantages and disadvantages in a written treatment plan
  • *Conditions – Not valid with any other offer. Offer ends 31/12/2017


What’s involved:

  • Adults – We will undertake a comprehensive 30 minute exam of your teeth and gums including bite wing x-rays, a professional clean and polish and oral cancer check
  • We’ll answer any question in relation to your oral health and provide you with a printed treatment plan if any additional necessary work is needed

  • Kids – It’s important for kids to feel comfortable at the dentist. With you to keep them company, we let them investigate the dental tools and let them have a play in the dental chair. It’s a great 15 minutes for them to learn to feel comfortable and happy at the dentist.
  • *Conditions – Not valid with any other offer. Kids under 3 free. Offer ends 31/12/2017.


Valued at $330.00 – Special offer price $195

What’s involved:

  • We’ll undertake a 45 minute full examination of your mouth including your teeth, gums and bite.
  • Examination includes a professional clean and polish, two bite wing x-rays (additional x-rays costs are not included), digital imaging of your mouth and oral cancer check
  • We want to give you a clear understanding of your oral health including your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth wear

  • You’ll walk away with an easy to understand treatment plan that outlines appointments and fees going forward if needed
  • *Conditions – Not valid with any other offer. Offer ends 31/12/2017.


If you are missing teeth, or are wearing uncomfortable dental plates, you may like advice as to whether an implant option is suitable for you. This free consultation will help you with a direction of care and cost estimations to see if implants are an appropriate option for you.

What is involved:

  • We undertake a 30 minute examination of your mouth to asses if implants are a feasible alternative for you
  • Are there any tests involved
    • You will likely need a OPG and CBCT which are available on-site
    • OPG – Is a 2D X-ray that allows us to analyse your teeth and jaws to asses implant suitability – Not included
    • CBCT – Is a 3D scan of your mouth. Compulsory for all implant procedures – Not included
  • We’ll answer any of your questions or concerns and ensure you walk away with a treatment plan that outlines the potential steps, fees and timeline it will take to complete your implants and have your eating and smiling normally again
  • *Conditions – Not valid with any other offer. Offer ends 31/12/2017.

To take advantage of any of these special offers please call (03) 9699 3909 or email: